Oct 4, 2006

I am one of those guys who actually get into a speedy mood phase with every birthday, this year was no differemt, the previous days to my birthday i get a little nervous, the day of my birthday i get a little depressed and the day after it recover my good mood.

It reads more dramatic than what it is. but it´s all true, so even if i hate to not be with the groove, i am aware of all the recent happenings.

Another thing that don´t let me enjoy my blogging time is my day job, and that is something anyone can relate to.

Anyway, i am Effing back ok?

On another note, i wish i could have unveiled my personal blog already but i guess it was not meant to be. the only thing i can say is that i hope i can put it operational very soon.

Thanks to everyone for reading along, in this very moment am deciding what to post, so i still hold my promise of increasing posting in the blog from the past months.


My birthday was this monday 2, and i now have 28 years old. for those who asked.


Anonymous said...

i'm one of your blogger readers,it's very good that your hacks are .
be happy every day !!

Efendi said...

whoooaaa.... hermanooo,

yesterday was your birthday ??

happy belated birthday my bro ^^

wish you all the luck through out the year ^^

gbu :D

Chubbs said...

Happy Birthday Avatar!

Avatar said...


I wish i coul talk to you by name, but i would need the english pronunciation first.

and wow, very touching to see a reader from china, taking the v3.0 namefix for the new blogger.. thank you for reading along and for your good wishes.


Actually, no, it was this monday, i have recived other e-mails about it, so i will update the post.

Pero gracias, hermano.

by the way it watched the indonesian festivall, very cool


Thanks Man

JasonX said...

@- missed but happy birthday wish from blogistanian.

Efendi said...

ah, this monday :) (take a note, write write .....)

ah, the festival :) yup, it's nice ^^ wish you could come and see it too ;)

ah, funky eh ;) hmm... pero gracias too :)

Avatar said...


Thanks for stopping by for a change.


why so many "ah"´s?

yeah, take your notes, i wish i could see it live too and more like neo-funk, but it is.

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