Oct 10, 2006

I already know since the start of this year, that widgets, were going to be something to get used to after MS showed they were going to add them to vista in full force, then we already had the widget engine apps that worked with Yahoo, then Opera 9 got released sporting the first official Widget engine in a browser that before it was only seen as the firefox widget engine by a extension called firefoxit that enabled a virtual desktop in a tab.

And then we got the spread of Blog widgets, and in Blogger v3.0, even a simple thing like a post list is a widget becuase of the new Blogger being dynamic.

So,page elements are widgets, then we have widgets apps (embed elements) powered by the services you choose to have in the blog.

But that was not enough becuase, now the real gates have been opened by Google allowing that every important service they offer to be widgetized and used by anyone ,so we can expect quite a lot of spread in a way that we havent seen yet, because then a Yahoo and Ms respose to this is going to be prepared to flood everything with Widgets

But this post it´s not really about the spread of widgets even if it seems so, it about what the suddenly rampant market of all this widgetizing mean to Blogs,and more to Blogger blogs wich is the way they Look and the way they are used.

We are on the Brisk of seeing the Bloggerosphere to once again saturate itself in a way only seen in in the mid nineties or in 15 year old myspace kids.

Adn that is what must be avoided, the services offering the widget must offer full customization to the look of the widgets, so they can blend in directly with a blog design and common sense.

i mean, a world clock panel in your browser or in your desk is a good idea, but not in your blog...a weather widget that only displays your local weather and don´t adds to the theme of a blog it´s a bloat that can slow you down.

So, remember, not becuase you can have it, it meants you must take it.


phydeaux3 said...

What about my "Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes Divorce Countdown" widget?? Is that a good idea? I had such high hope for it.


Chubbs said...

Reminds me of all those Javascript applets that were so popular through the 90's.

The water ripple image...ick!


Avatar said...

Phydeaux3: Glad to know you are alive and kicking K, but you don´t fool me, i know had the same countdown for Brad & Jen.... you heartless monster...



the water ripple image is a classic, why you don´t make a comeback version of it?. that would help you to have some closure.

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