Oct 11, 2006

It´s the kind of word processor you wish you could have in Blogger, it can handle from the easiest things to the most complicated ones, it is truly the Writely for blogs.

Writely, while it will never replace MS Word, it is good for collaboration pieces that don´t need of complicaed stuff. in the same manner WriteToMyBlog is right on the kind of Word Processor you would like to have for your blog becuase the ease of use it offers you along with lots of other features

With this kind of cool apps sprouting in the web and google being the owner of Writely, i wish they could upgrade the Blogger Word Processor to be something more like this.

But in the meantime, if you like to write your posts in MS Word and then paste them into Blogger, now you don´t need to, you can use this cool online tool.

And even make tables and other chores in a semi automated way that will make your blog posts look way better.

And the best of it is that it´s free in every sense of the word becuase it don´t even requieres a login.

So you can bookmark it in your Browser and with just a click you will be able to use it from the let go.



Efendi said...

so, posts after this, do u used WriteToMyBlog ?

if it's good then i'll might try it again :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Avatar, WriteToMyBlog requires that you give your Blog's username and password, that makes it insecure in my opinion: anyone could hack into your Blog that way.

Avatar said...


Not exactly, but i have tested it, and it is great.


The same security concern as with regular blogger using a public pc, but writetomyblog, don´t records logins, just the browser. so, it would need that the user to commit a mistake to cause something as losing your details in that.

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