Oct 10, 2006

Ok, so they finally decided to do it uh?. well, as you all may know by now given the huge coverage this already has. as in the actual post says, you must go to the FAQ to get all the details on it at a reiterative level wich i will resume here in one simple bulletpoint:

There is a Automatic-(API)- and a Manual-(Query)- way to ping Google

Wich is what it´s actually important for everyone to know.

And that they finally noticed that Blog Search didn´t worked right, and it needed to adopt the same model that Techonorati has, wich means you need constant pinging, so now they are going to follow the ping by post route,so they can populate that search and have that freshness focus. so if you have a blog, no more waiting from a hr to a day to get indexed based in your rank, now if you post every hr, you will get indexed once an hr,and only after that you will get screened and ranked based on your relevance.

ok, so what now?, nothing, just ping away.


Dean said...

I'm new to the whole blogasphere and I find all your info here great, thanks Avatar!

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