Oct 18, 2006

It was only a matter of time before someone decided to make a kinda web 2.0 Matchmaker service for Bloggers, and i would welcome the idea a lot more if they didn´t had that Terrible name, dated execution and extremely corny vibe.

1.-The Name

Lonely blogger sounds like the name of something inside a USA mid season sitcom or a from a low casted talk show, i really hate it becuase i think i would have liked someting less desperate and corny name. from the top of head i can think of

Bloggies - faux play of words that mean Blogging Buddies
Blover- mixed word with more intention
Logged - more web 2.0 like. (vague and with a "funny" story behind it)

Or even a quick turn around of their logo to make it IHeartBloggers.com, if they wanted to scream for atention but in a more comfortable way with a gimmicky name:

Now, i want you to note the four names, two of them refer from singular, or from the basis of one person reference and two names reference something you need TWO people to make sense of, two persons being together.

The problem with the name LonelyBloggers is that it refers to a expression that only someone from outside the group could make, like in a classroom:

"oh here you got the freaks, the losers, oh and now the lonely bloggers"


Now note the most succesful social related web start up names along with the dating personals most succesful name:

Myspace - reiteration of something only you can own and from where you get to be known

YouTube: a reiteration again now made from the service to the user, this is your tv

Facebook : a simple slang to refer to a school annual book, in this case it refers to two things: something you can only truly be part of as a student and the word being in singular refers to the simple thing that this is YOUR facebook.

Coincidence that those three so simple words that always refer to the concept of one are the most popular social web services?, not really, a good and easy name will leave a more ever lasting mind impression on someone and will be easier to market, and from there is what something mainstream roots from.

Because it refers to anyone, but has the implication of being all about someone, and at the core, that is what 90% cares first about: themselves.

And from the dating scene:

Match: again,a very easy and simple word that can only be if you are thinking in two persons together.


umm, ok, i enter the site, and i am seeing just a copy of what Match has along what some other private networks have applied.. all this is very common place from the late nineties.

Where is the novelty in it besides being thematic?

Nowhere that is.

If you are in for the Blogger crowd, this is no way of doing it. the true novelty would have been seeing the same database personals with more detailed profiles that can be extended to a blog with service wdigets and more important that that keeping both a public and a private exposure.

It could be a place where to be more direct about what you like and who you would like by being able to expose it with some social tools and integrations. a kind of a remix of what myspace does, with what a dating network does and taking in consideration the target audience.

Being able to keep a public face and a private face for the user.

3.-Corny Vibe

ok, if you are about passion and all that, then please don´t be lame, be cool, and whinning about everything or about stowe boyd will not give you the image of someone a entire community can trust..

(you need to read the company blog to understand what i mean)


That is it, i decided to do the post because a reader told me about Lonely Bloggers, and she wanted me to read my opinion on it.

And as i said, i liked the idea and the concept, but i can´t stand how flawed it is, even before it starts.



richard said...

Just what the world needs. Another people meet people site. You are right about the name being short and "catchy".
I am old fashioned. If I am lonely I go to some kind of social event to meet people, not to a computer.
Just one question, is "technoratti" for technical type blogs like yours, or is it open to any type of blog?. I just made one, with the help of you and a few others. A 3 column one. It took me 2 weeks, something that you can do in 1/2 an hour, but I did it. An ego trip. I haven't decided what kind of content I will put on it.
I also have a "credits" box on it with links to your site, and a few others. Other links will be in a separate box. Thank you for helping.

Avatar said...

yeah, i mean, am not pushing the site, i am debating the concept.

Technorati is for everyone so join up, and thanks for the link.

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