Oct 12, 2006

Say, you are redesigning your blog, and everything went just like you wanted, and suddenly you ralize you don´t have any cool icons to round up your design?!.

Well, if you read this post, such situation will never encounter you.

Iconbuffet is a service to obtain Professional Designed Icons, that every month releases a Icon Pack for free that you can use away.

There is a catch of course, the catch is that you must make an account with the and agree to et exposed to other designs to what they expect you will buy icons packs too while you are using the service.

So, it´s a tiny catch compared to what you recive, and how well designed the icons you are reciving really are.

Have a look:




Efendi said...

say, how bout some deliveries :)

i got Tower Grove Premonade on my table :D

Avatar said...


cool, and they are gona come very handy for my new blog and Blogger soon to be look upgrade.

Efendi said...

got a new one this month ^^ i've put it up, you can check in the comments area and download em :D

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