Oct 5, 2006

Let me tell you, this are the first folksonomy link buttons footer i really like and it´s from Hans.

Well, he started with Revisiting this for Blogger v3.0 and made his own unrelated version of what Ramani had done before.

coming up with a link button footer that looks great and has a very cool text indicator for the Bookmarking service buttons that activates when you hover the link buttons:

And finally not satisfied with it, he added a push button effect that also activates when someone hover the link buttons nd that complements with the text indicator:

The look of the buttons is very pretty and the funtionality of them is smooth and sutile so it comes with my highest recommendation so anyone that want to add a footer like this, get one from hans.

And if you want to read some more on this matter, you can also pay a visit to Vivek where he taked Hans hack and just extended more services to it that you can get changing just one line of code in hans hack.



Anonymous said...

Hi Avatar, thanks for promoting this hack. But I did not adapt this from Ramani, but found this trick at Vladstudio, figured out how it was done, and made it work in Beta.

Avatar said...

i never said you adapted it from Ramani, i said you did your own version of it. however i will make an edit on it, to be left clearer.

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