Oct 7, 2006

Even if it was already dead, this time there is a official Notice

The reason i say it was already dead is because over a month ago Agent99 noted that Audioblogger was down,after that, i decided to take a look to it and what i found was a service that remained unchanged in the most static way possible from the time it was started by another company. when it launched it was not really a novelty, just the better executed version of whatever it was available at the moment, the thing it´s that i worked right, it was popular before the google Blogger reboot (v2.0) and it got even more popular afterwards, even people like xeni jardin, and other journalists used it for when they need to set up a record for their stories while in the move.

Time passed and the momentum that it gained was big enough to a point where it was the only true mobile audioblogging service that could offer you that stable and free service.

But time don´t stops and when you leave something without moving, without making noise, it get´s dated, and Audioblogger got REALLY dated,it never offered a desktop uploading option for some more solid Audioblogging, it never breached out in anyway, it was offered under contract to google to do what it did before the reboot, so maybe it is google fault it never got anywhere.

I mean, i even forgot about until i was reminded of it and if you searched it´s buzz, the only thing you would find is some whispering proving that it´s mindshare just evaporated.

But now it seems too late from the side of Evan Williams (Blogger Fouder) Odeo, wich is the company that Evan started when he left google´s Blogger v2.0 under a undisclosed contract but that now, to me from what i know and can easily see, it´cannot be a coincidende that a google rebranding, complete upgrade, resign from the last main man from the original Blogger and the closing of the only link left with Blogger from Evan williams get to happen in the same spans of months.

In Anyway, what i wonder is if Google has decided to let it just vanish, or is going to be offering a native solution for audioblogging?.

Only time will tell, but i can already guess it should materialize before the last day of this year.


Chubbs said...

Wow, interesting take from the Google angle of things. I just figured it was a service that Odeo offered, nothing more. I guess the big G isn't always as generous as everybody thinks.

A valid reason of why NOT to have your service depend on the whims of Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Avatar said...

so, you didn´t know the story?.. heh, well now you know.

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