Oct 18, 2006

Blogistanian asked me over my Bordee Pageboard that he was unable to find it´s v3.0 blog Meta Data, and what had changed from v2.0 to v3.0 in that matter.

Well, it is better you to know this from the let go:

Google don´t gives a damn about Meta Data, Meta Data it´s not going to make your rank go up, or to have better SEP in it.

It was recently reported in net tech blogs that google don´t takes in count keywords to it´s placing or to meassure how much rank it´s going to give you, google it´s all about references, visits and Adsense (they will deny this, but if you have a good rank in adsense click throughs, your site will get preferencial treatment)

However,most of the other search engines DO take them in count, MS take them as reference to filter the asociations but not really postioning you because of them.

Yahoo in the other hand, is the search engine that take them most in count and even has a formula to take them into or churn them out and dismiss them.

The formula is that you must only have one simil keyword sequence, that means that if you put hack, you must not put hacks later or if you have hacks, you must not put hacking but only a non repeated sequence of keyword that must not go beyond 15-20 (no one is actually sure) keywords so they can be taken in count and help you the most in Yahoo.

The other search engines vary as well, but most of them take them as a factor to filter or process what results are going to be indexed with querys, so having Meta data around it´s good if you got it right and with measure.

In Blogger v3.0 the remote inserted meta data is controlled by a tag with the atribute All Content, i will not even tell you to locate it because you MUST NOT remove it since it seems to be somewhat relevant as a simple identification for google bots.

Now, if you want to have extra meta data, there is nothing wrong with that, and you can put it on the HEAD section of your template and at the start of it before the CSS variables.

If anyone have further questions, just ask.


Anonymous said...

How can we use extra metadata with blogger beta, can you explain details? It can be useful

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