Oct 6, 2006

Well, in order to ease Picasa users and to show that Google does work on it, Blogger Buzz reports that Picasa can now do photoposting to Blogger v3.= even if it´s riddled with pretty big issues (read: glitches, shortcomings and bugs)

1.-The biggest shortcoming i see is the 4 photos in a go limit.. c`mon, not even ten pics as a limit per post?....

The other Issues as also reported in the known issues blog and myself are the following points:

As reported from the known issues blog.

2.-Errors posting from Picasa to Blogger if there are html validation problems.
3.-If you are signed in as a Blogger user, sign out, and then sign back in with your Google account (to post to the beta), you will receive an error. The work around is to close the window and repost from Picasa (signing in with your Google account).
4.-Once you post to beta, you will not receive a confirmation window. Once the rainbow progress indicator goes away in Picasa, open up your blog in your favorite browser to confirm the post.
5.-You cannot post from Picasa to Blogger in beta if you have backlinks turned on.
6.-There is no sign out link if you are logged in as a beta user. The workaround is to exit Picasa.

Told to me:

7.-Ghost Photoposting, you send pics from picasa and they never show up.
8.-if you are logged in gmail, blogger and picasa at the sametime and a glitch occurs,your google accounts can get jammed for some hrs.
9.-if you photopost over 3 times, when going to check the blog, the blog chokes and you neeed to reload the page for it to show.

So, DON´T even bother to try to use it at this state... becuase this buzz post from google should not exist with a product in such a bad state...

Happy Photoblogging?.......Right..

Let´s alll wait for it to ACTUALLY work.


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