Oct 14, 2006

It been a little while since i wrote about Chatango , and my opinion about it after revisiting it has not changed,as a concept and as a specs sheet, it it´s superior to anything in the widget chat crowd right now, but it still suffers from the same minor but lethal problems that for some reason it donn´t supports a face to the public, it has no PR, it has No company Blog, it has sported the same design for way too long, and don´t have a clear biz model or a goal statement.

Back when i posted about it, i was cruising the web on da flock (becuase , and i saw someone in the Meebome chat, i said hello, and i was replied back, to my surprise, it was one of Chatango´s main men(alec i think) and we had a little chat about their service.

I remember saying to him that i was concerned now that meebo was easily going to be at the top spot becuase of the money it had and their brilliant execution of their service, EVEN if Meebo wat not in any way superior to what chatango had to offer.

Many think that if you got superior tech then it should be a no brainer for anyone what service to choose, this is wrong and lethal, you still need to sell the service, push t, pimp it.. etc.

He seemed very unworried by this, and that there was enough budget and drive to keep Chatango going for a long time to come leaving clear that they were not really really into the game, maybe they test softech and this is a way to do it for something else they develop and sell.. who knows. but the truth is that chatango could be way way way better in what they doing wrong, and that is their having absolutely no Brand Buzz or Drive. Because as i said they don´t even have a company blog, or a newsletter and they go along with a dated design and look that makes me think i am still stuck at the nineties(in a wrong way)

And while they still remain oblivious in their brand image, PR and goals. their features set got even stronger with the introduction of their Group Chat Board Widget

That it is not only a embedable (widget) chat, but it also a board in the same vein of those tagboard and c-box that are so late 20th century and now really must go away i hope (are you reading this Efendi!?)

Oh, and put the cherry on the top of it, it also has a landing page, wich means that it don´t only exist in your blog and inside your chatango account, it is truly public at all times..

Wich means that obtaining a Chatango Account you can get the Group Chat Board Widget, without having to put a one on one chat widget in case you are already on the meebome bandwagon, you can keep that one to use their social chat network if you want to, since inside a chatango account you can search for contacts in the same manner you would expect to do it in friendster with the difference that you get to chat to them right away or leave them a offline message, that chatango does support.

And that optionally you can download a desktop message box so you don´t have to leave a tab online in your account page, besides the option of reciving notification on your mail when you get new offline messages.

And with the Group Chat Board Widget you get:

1.-a live chat widget in your blog that let you block and delete messages.
2.-a extra funtionality that makes it serve as a tagboard/shoutbox/cbox for offline messaging
3.-A landing page that has your chat in full size mode that lives in it´s own where chatango account members can get to connect with you without even visiting your blog

And if you were wondering how it looked like, here it is in all it´s glory:

It comes with customizable fonts, colors and sizes. truly only lacking more layout designs.

So, there you have it, now let´s hope they hire a PR Blogger and a Good Designer to improve their brand now they have more than enough features to satisfy almost everyone.



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