Oct 23, 2006

Let´s say you are cruising the Bloggerosphere and suddenly you find a very interesting post with something you would like to know more about, what do you do then?

A)Ask the Blogger himself.


B)Search for it either Living it up(*1), Yahoo it or Googling it?

Well, the truth is you could do both things if you are really interested in what you read, but what if you were a Slacker like me and you demand satisfaction inmediately with the push of a button?.

Ramani can give us just that as our first option, because he has cooked up a related post finder in the form of a very simple Bookmarklet(*2), that is so easy to use, that you only need to user your mouse to get it and use it.

Bookmarklet to find related posts

*1:my own catchphrase for the live search, since saying live it would be weird.
*2:it only work on item pages


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