Oct 23, 2006

I must say, that if there was someone who helped me to open Bloggeratto not only faster, but that allowed it to stand out as unique besides my very wicked self, that must be Aditya.

The Bloggerosphere only had two Wizkids for Blogger v2.0 to thrive on, one of them was Singpolyma who at the moment every one in the Bleet thought he was this skinny but smiling young man (i thought he were my age) from sweeden and the other was Aditya, someone that arrved to the Blogger platform in the wake of this year and gained a speed and momentum never seen before at the time.

He were churning big hacks advancements(comment highlighting,native asynchronic search, the abc index,etc) that i now must also tell, that just days before he left for college over a monthh ago, him along with a little help of singpolyma had archived the biggest Hack archivement for v2.0 there is after months of me naggin him about it of course:

Blogger Categories, True Blogger Categories.

Wich means, that they loaded the entire posts in the main, without loosing their respective footer of previous in main look and propeties like you now see done by a Label in Blogger v3.0

And that was when time and momentum were lost,since he then faced two things that made him bail out:

1)He was entering college
2)Blogger v3.0 was outed

Now that i think of it, i wish that v3.0 haven´t been outed that soon, becase just then, he lost the interest to finish it and no one else could finish it because it never was posted and the rest of the Bleet would now direct to v3.0 findings as Proven By Phydeaux3, Ramani and of course Singpolyma.

Without forgetting the newcomers like Hoctro and Hans.

What all this of the last great hack in v2.0 has to do with the return?, not much besides that was what Aditya were working when he leaved to college and that it point just how good he were in v2.0, but i wanted to tell that part too, and i thought this was a good excuse to do it.

So, what´s more to say that Aditya is back, and he even managed to turn 18 while he was out.

Long Live Aditya and welcome back friend.

now, say hello to him at:

Guess who's back?

Now, it would have been very cool that those true blogger v2.0 categories were finnished and launched at this very blog don´t it?.


Aditya said...

I never really said anything about this post, because I had last seen it when I didn't have a stable internet connection! But I must say something about it now ...

Thank you so much for all those kind words! You flatter me too much! :)
Yes, it was sad to see that idea (for the Blogger categories) go out of the window, since it really was (even if I may say so) brilliant! But old things must give way for the new, that's the course of things here.

So I hope to be able to keep churning out hacks, make Blogging simpler for everyone :) Especially with my new blog out now, things will get interesting! I promise!

Thanks for this post Avatar! Its' mucho appreciated! :P

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