Oct 6, 2006

Bordee is a new start up that hopes to solve and improve standard Message Boards on the web by allowing anyone to be able to comment whenever they want it.

How so?, well, after login into it and seeing it by myself i think that it combines the idea of the free phpboards that are commonplace to see being offered in the web with the idea of being able to comment in any webpage based on a social commenting system, mix the two concepts and that is what Bordee it´s about.

The only thing you need to create one is to sign up for a bordee account and be a user of Firefox or Flock (yeah!) to generate message boards that then will get added to the Bordee Message Boards Directory, you can also look at it as if it were a huge forum where each topic serves as both category and topic becuase it´s a never ending stream of threads that are not rooted into sub directories.

You don´t need the extension to comment in a bordee message board, just sign for a bordee account, and that will do, remembering this is not only a web tool provider service but also a social community, so having a bordee account will be useful to be able to comment in every borde message board you get to encounter from now on knowning that if you ever want your own, it is only a extension install away.

With each topic you create, this will work as a messageboard, so you can have as many of them as you like if you play nice, they support everything a regular messageboard do and the better thing about it is that you get your personal feed for each message board you have, allowing you to easily stay in the know with what happens in it.

The message boards as in the social commenting systems, are created on the base of the url, so if a bordee message board already exist on a certain url, you will get directed to it.

I like the concept and i am eager to look how this evolve.

So,if you ever wanted a good looking, uncluttered and easy way to use message board for your blog that you could set in under 3 minutes this is as good as it gets for such a little effort.

And don´t forget to drop by Bloggeratto Bordee Message Board

Get Bordee!


Brian Riggs said...

I'm glad that you like Bordee. Great detailed review of our services. Your posts with suggested features are very helpful. See you on the Bloggeratto PageBord!

-- Brian Riggs

Avatar said...

Yeah, when i Buzz something i do it with a lot of conviction.

And thanks for the service.

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