Oct 5, 2006

During the past weeks Hoctro has been on quite a ride with Blogger v3.0 something that got scaled up after being blog noted, but during that bump that now has made him not only more relevant but being more exposed to everyone, he has been posting some very good posts about not only the inner working of Blogger v3.0 but also about how to work with it and here it is what he has been up to in that terms from the time he started:

1.- Understanding The New Beta Template: A Top-Down Approach (I)

Where he started with a recognition of what he was getting into by looking harder into the template and making of it a story as it´s the stily hoctro has on his blog, he comes up with a narrator presentation of each post that serves as a introduction that later breaks up to be a more formal post but that it is soomething that makes Hoctro unique in the Bloggerosphere because it´s what identifies his voice to an audience.

In the case of this posts, the story effects never truly breaks out and this style make it even more interesting to read, at least to me.

2.- Understanding The New Beta Template: A Top-Down Approach (II)

Having introduced the template he then continues by marking what defines the template inside the main section of it, the body.

3.- Notes on the process of making a new hack

After finishing with the template he goes on with a excellent look into how he is doing a hack and even explain every line of code in it. a must read if you are having your way with your own hacks.

4.- CSS and Beta Template: A Cool Way to Try Out Your Artistic Self

He responds to a question from a reader by showing how to play with CSS in the Blogger v3.0 template.


This is not over i guess,so i will add to this post when he comes with this kind of guiding posts.


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