Oct 18, 2006

There are many ways to get traffic now, either it being forced or worked, one those way are the Traffic-exchange sites, these sites work in the same vein a Money Matrix, but in this case you get traffic credits, meaning that if you look at 3 blogs, someone will have to check out your blog.

And it also has a directory anyone can look into, for some actual blog searching.

Obviously, this will only serve for the purpose of artificial pumping of traffic, and better SEO-SEP-Rank more than actual reader becuase thequality of the hits you will get will be low or very low.

Now there is this new service from the same company that has one of the best two examples of traffic-exchange sites, Blogmad is betting on another idea that at the moment don´t let´s much to know, but seems to be a new kind of traffic exchange, and from what can be deduced-guessed, this new site will work also as a kind of open meta-filter/digg but for sites and i guess it must be a traffic-exchange thing into it.

Well i got curious, because if it work, i want to be part of it, and if not, i don´t lose a thing for checking it out, so if you got curious, here you can click for the qucik sign up:


via Zlythern


As Paul from exlinks have confirmed in the comments, exlinks will be a social linking network (hence the metafilter for websites or more like a socialized metafilter proyects) and will not sport a traffic exchange matrix into, it, that is great, i am now even more interested in seeing how it shapes up.


Paul said...

Hi there, just to set a small error straight, eXlinks is NOT a traffic exchange service. Its a social linking network.

Avatar said...

Oh, ok Paul, duly noted, will make a correction. thanks for visiting.

Paul said...

My pleasure :)

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