Oct 5, 2006

The only times when i have ever offered a summary in my Feedburner feed is becuase of the times i was over the feedburner feed size limit, because i never would want to offer a summary feed, becuase for me they are worthless feeds, and i downright hate summary feeds.

I have always thought that if you want to offer a summary feed or title feed, then you add it as a option to your readers and not as the default feed.

Feed Readers and site readers along with E-mail Syndication readers are pretty much different audiences,so a summary feed is really bad, becuase you alienate your readers and because of what i call false positives, it of course will generate more click to the site, but of what quality? a bad one that is for sure, since you will get a lot more "less than 10 seconds" visitors, and that is the kind of visits you must not force.

Anyway, that is where Fullfeeds.com enters int othe play given it is a oline petition that serves more like a statement, since you really cannot ask a entity directly about it, but that statement has relevancy since you create awareness and inspire readers to openly say their disgust with summary feeds that will get more people either avoiding to put summary feeds or also offer a fullfeed so the reader can choose.

It is a great statement so, if you agree, please go and sign it leaving you opinion about it:


Here is mine:

A rss/atom Feed must represent the free flow of unfiltered content in the same manner Blogs represent the freedom of digital publishing.

A summary is having a useless filter that will only generate forced clicks that must not be, offer a full feed choice

Update: edited.


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