Oct 21, 2006

Now, this hack is one of the most important ones there can be, becuase without it, other hacks to be done later cannot be if you take in count how they were done in v2.0, and others that even if you can have them on the item pages, get more sense to have them in the main.

Like highlighting, author commenter photos, asynchronic comment form, and other stuff that can come later.

And of those in the list, one was aditya´s doing,and the others were also done by Singpolyma who is now chasing the edge of what can and cannot be done in Blogger v3.0, and what himself deemed impossible just a month ago, he just made it a reality.

Curiously enough this was one of the originally sanctioned Blogger hacks, but now, given the "magic" of the new blogger i suppose it was meant for other to be done, and who better that one of the top end Blogger Hackers around?.

So, this is a hack i really really love, in the case of other hacks, i just recommend them, this time around i ASK you to use it, becuase it ROCKS!.

And feel free to install away, because all niggles with it have been solved, and i have tested myself several times. you can see the testblog at


After cecking that out, just go to singpolyma and follow his intructions as he is dictating them.

Comments on Main/Archive Page (Peek-a-Boo) in Blogger BETA


marcelo said...

Hello! I'm trying to reach you from one Blogger HELP you left: my problem: I changed my blog's name, but now I want to use this old name again, and although it is NOT in use by anyone: PAGE NOT FOUND, it says- I cant creat another one you my old name because BLOGGER denies it every time I try to create a NEW blog with this "old name" of mine.
Can you help me?
my email: astronautaDEmarte@gmail.com

Avatar said...

Sure thing, i will e-mail you shortly marcelo.

Anonymous said...

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Raquel said...

Avatar, thank you for this information. This is what I've been waiting for since I am using peekaboo comments on the old blogger. And now I will have it on beta. too bad I can't switch to beta yet, I'm tired of waiting.

Avatar said...

according to blogger a new batch of blogger v2.0 user will be allowed to switch very soon, and since they have been doing it in 10% batches i think a lot will still have to wait but given their new commitment make speed up the process i do can see that by the endo of the year over 60% will be on v3.0

a little more to wait raquel, justa little more.

Anonymous said...

how can I get this small POP UP comment form you're using in this peek-a-boo testblog????

Avatar said...

the option for it is in the comment settings on the settings tab of course.

thaks for visiting

binääri said...

I was wondering can that feed system some how change so it would bring pictures as comics than list of topic from site etc?

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