Oct 23, 2006

One of the common themes that i have recived in my mailbox lately refer to having a second sidebar in Blogger v3.0.

With questions like:

-when are you going to do a how-to about adding a second sidebar?
-How can i add a second sidebar in my blog?, i use the new blogger.
-Do you know any good 3 column templates for blogger BETA(v3.0)?

To what i responded directing them to the correct posts here in Bloggeratto until this last question arrived:

I still don´t get how to do it, you don´t know of any tutorial easy to follow for beginners?

To what i respond:

Yeah, i do, i do know of a easier tutorial to follow, and of that i thank to Hans.

So if you want to mod your template by yourself, or want to do your own 3 column version of either official Blogger templates or Free-To-Use templates, then you should read this post:

Adding a second sidebar to your Blog - part 2


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