Oct 30, 2006

Crashing In & Out, Chapter 90, Episode: S2B3

"The One Where Petey Tries To Save Face For Blogger v2.0"

Scene 1, Indoors. At Night-No lights

A keyboard is being hammered heavily while we only see a headshot of petey with the reflection of a monitor screen in his glasses:


(mumbling with strange accent and smiling):It waas a daark and stooormy night. The air was quiet. Tooo quiet. Yet stoormy. Suddenly, a beep rang out from a bedside pager. The engineer woke up--


(off): Bzzzt


(taken by surprise): Wha?, Who the fuuuck?


Whoa there, no, you are not in the wrong blog, and yes that would be how a Sitcom teleplay draft would look like while being written.

Now, i ask you, what is the most efective way to save face in a situation you don´t want to be?, with humour and charisma of course, then what would be they way to aboard that and take punches to it?.

With heavily sarcastic and cynic humour that is!!!

Part of what you read up there, is how Pete "grogmaster" Hopkins, my favorite B-Man started the most recent post in Blogger Buzz called Blogger Outages (the novel), so why not play along with him, right?.

Anyway, no big news here, The state of Blogger last week were one of the worst in all the history of v2.0 and that is saying a lot i must tell you.

And there is a interesting bit in all the excuse and apologies filled post and this is it:

In the long term, we’re developing a new version of Blogger with some great new features that is built on technology and hardware that has proven, Google-quality reliability. The current Blogger infrastructure is — albeit in a very Lincoln’s axe way — the same that Google acquired four years ago. Sure, we’ve built on it and expanded it significantly since then, but the truth is we’ve more than out-grown it. The new version is ground-up more scalable and less error-prone.

Jesus Christ!!!, that sure explains everything... now there is no surprise the problems started a year after google buyout in the fourth year of the service, if Blogger has been running with all the hardware that it was started on!!, no, this dont means they haven´t added to it, but this was a bad thing becuase of course that it was just a matter of time before each one of those servers died affecting most of the platform.

Now ,glad to know v3.0 s being touted as a smooth and wih brand new hardware, this makes me very happy.

You can finally check the Status because it has been passed to v3.0 so, it can serve of something now and not be an afterthought as it was....oh, and if you go there, take the amount of the outages mentioned there and multiply it by 5 and that would give you the idea of how problematic Blogger has been lately.

As i said in Blox: The First Hit , i was heavily affected by it for the last 3 days.

Pete also reveals that v3.0 it´s still not yet ready for international consume given it´s only in english, and the FTP crowd are still second rate users in it.

Overall, i hope that pete is right and v2.0 can have a peaceful dead next year where it can be outage free before we can get onto v3.0.

I would like to read more about how it affected all of you,so, comment, e-mail and message me on it.


Five Before Midnight said...

I haven't been able to publish reliably since Oct. 28. When I can, I know it will just be down again five minutes later. I don't really believe they can fix this problem. It probably costs too much money and they'd rather spend it on their other projects. Else, why would they allow an aging network system to crash and burn like this one has the past week? They would have upgraded it months ago, not waited until it was on its last legs. That's what business people do in situations like this if they value those who utilize and depend on their services. It's as simple as that.

Avatar said...


Yes, i has been the wrost Blogger Week in history and to not surprise after what this post points out, that really show how Blogger was alyas the stepchild since Google bought it.

Now lets hope that in V3.0 that will mark a complete new Blogger rebranded to Google image really lives up to what is already been stated.

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