Sep 30, 2006

Slackers Rejoice, if you have been reading about all those cool Blogger v3.0 hacks, but you kinda get frustraded with the idea of having to install them, well, this post is for you.

Both Ramani at Hackosphere and Hans at Beautiful Beta Decided to help you out with that breach so if you are willing to try or switch to blogger v3.0, you don´t star t from scratch.

So, let´s see the offerings very briefly:


From the man who started the new Blogger Hacking madness you can choose:

B)scribe (the one he uses)

With this built in hacks as quoted from Ramani Himself.

1. 3-column conversion with additional sidebar
2. Peekaboo posts with summary in main page
3. Peekaboo posts in label/archive pages
4. Multi-style Labels widget.
5. and Digg hotlinks in post footer

Wich means, you get everything Ramani has released so far without breaking a sweat and free of charge, so go and chack that post:

Hacked templates with 3 columns, Peekaboo posts


Hans decided to release a not official template called "underwater" that sports the
Super Peek-a-boo Hack and the comment grammatical fix.

If your most desired hack is having Peek-a-boo and you like blue things then this is the template for you.

New 3-column, fluid, peek-a-boo template

There you go, download away!!.


Chubbs said...

Fluid layouts are a pain in the arse to code (well, for me at least). This is a nice template to learn from. Nice find!

Avatar said...

yeah, i know you are a little design impaired but that means you must be one hell of a coder.. :P

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