Sep 29, 2006

(yeah, they use a generated web 2.0 logo, the irony is not lost on me)

Well, My friend Efendi Kwok, found this very good looking Digg-like Blog Signature Generator that sure is a excellent replacement for that horrid looking Feedburner Headline animator(i am only knocking it´s very outdated late nineties looking sig not Feedburner), Aditya, sure would like this, he loves anything with a Digg style, but he is away at college so you and me can have it, and i so dearly recommend you to get one, it is a updatable generated gif so, it the easiest thing to use after you fill in the form.

The only extra thing it requires since it reloads when you update your blog is that you have a Gravatar account for your pic.

Have a look at Efendi Sig that is sporting a gravatar in it:

Here is mine without pic since i don´t have a Gravatar account yet (yeah, i know,another irony)

So, as you can all see this is a great sig, get one please so i don´t have to look at another of those feedburner sigs until they revamp them:

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Efendi said...

why gracias hermano ^^

glad you liked it ;) and yes, this would be nice for the FeedBurner's Headline Animator replacement :P (as for now :P)

Avatar said...

Yeah, i liked it, more because i hate the feedburner sig, it´s a 90´s internet nightmare (i can say that because i lived it!!!) and i usually like almost everything you put in your blog, is just that not everything can be used to enhance your blogger blog, wich is the rule around here.

contento?, perfecto.


Anonymous said...

It's kinda cool, but is that the only font available?

(drumming fingers on desk) Gee. Sure wish I could get my links in my preferred order, and not have to hand type code into a new element page in Beta. (looks around and whistles) Sure would be nice to take advantage of all the fabulous colors and fonts of Beta, but it ain't gonna happen until those two issues are solved. Makes me wish I knew a good hacker.

... said...


Avatar said...

Well, Redhead, i will see what i can do, and about the sig-genarator, yeah that is the font they are going for now.

and did you missed me around here? ..


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