Sep 5, 2006
As you may figure out, i visit, lots and lots of blogs a day (from 30 to 100), and i must say that this was the most common thing i saw in Blogger v3.0 blogs during the day:

41 times in 34 blogs, so, i must ask, any of you in v3.0 suffering it too lately?


ricardo.santos said...

same thing here Avatar.

Of all the beta blogs that i know only phydeaux blog was acessible yesterday. Lasted for 2 hours yesterday morning (GMT) the error and 1 hour today at the same time.

ricardo.santos said...

been unable to log in to my account for the last 7 hours, or "see" my blog on the Web.

Avatar said...

sheesh, that sure sucks Ricardo.

i hope it gets solved soon

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