Sep 23, 2006

Well, this seems to be a good week for Blogger, lots of Bug Fixes and now a Moblogger upgrade as Blogger Buzz just let all of us know.

A)More Moblogger

The MoBlogger upgrade is pretty much a version of what Blogger offered to the users of the new K800 of SonyEricsson.

It will allow you to send from your phone as in the old one but if you don´t have a blog of your own, it will also create you one that will be hosted in Blogger v3.0 and if you were in the old version, they will allow you to switch to v3.0 if you meet the requirements.

B)Bug Squash

My favorite part of the Blogger Buzz post is the bug fixing, that this time bring us very important fixes like:

1.-General Comment Feeds For Everyone.

Finally, this means, is Recent comments Widget,Syndication and hacking time!

2.-Pagination Is Now Fixed

Wich translates in the Newer/Old Post transition don´t choking on you or your readers or your hacks (in theory)

3.-Posts Feed Now Generated From the Blog Domain

Prior to this integration, the Blogger v3.0 posts feed were generated from the Master Feed Generator, and now will be integrated with your Blog domain just like in v2.0.


Nothing, that is all, those bug fixes deserved their own Blogger Buzz post in the way i see it and not been resumed in 4 1/2 lines?, but i guess that is not good PR to have lots of Bug related posts in the PR blog of the company...becuase if that were the common mode of operation, we could have blogger buzz posts almost every day.....hehehe.

(yeah, yeah that was a cheap shot, but i had to say it)


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