Sep 14, 2006

You thought you were not going to read more about hans?, not a chance , eh has been keeping busy with a lot of tweaking and road testing Blogger v3.0

I had not done a post about it, because hans was in a hard road where he encountered a nasty error that made him to REMADE his entire blog because of it, but he is back in full force so let´s check what he has been up to:

From latest to oldest

1.-Giraffe Template

I guess that while rebuilding his blog, hans had sometime to play and the result is a new template with a giraffe theme.

So, if anyone likes it too, just ask hans for it:

Giraffe Template

2.-Gramatical Fix For Comments.

It is not amazing that some of the most simple mistakes in Blogger v2.0 are still present in Blogger v3.0?

And one in the list is still the gramatical error in the comments marker, that stays in plural from the let go.

Well, if in v2.0 there were like five ways to correct it, i can easily expect the same quantity of hacks if not more in v3.0.

And hans present the first tweaks into the matter:

A) Working around the "1 comments" bug

B) More hacking into the comments line

3.-Message Panel

Hans decided that the best way for him to keep updated the readers of his blog if something goes wrong is with a message panel just below the header, and if you want the same thing as him, you only need to check his post about it:

Adding a Message Board to your Blog

So, if you like the what you read, just pay Hans a visit.


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