Sep 4, 2006

No, it´s not a Blogger feature, it´s a name, and yeah, the name is Hans.

Hans just decided recently that since he like how stuff works, he would/should open a blog dedicated to learn how Blogger v3.0 works , and that is what this blog is about in a very focused way, looking at the details behind it with a pretty fresh view on it, wich is why it is worth buzzing, he can offer stuff that i know will be useful to the Bloggerosphere, so Hans, the stage is your pal, rock on, i know you can do it.

So far here are the interesting posts that deserve to be buzzed:

1.- Editor Bugs

Noting some common bugs in the v3.0 Html Editor that you should be aware off

2.- Changing The Color Scheme

With some useful Tips to use when you are playing with your Template

3.- Adding a second sidebar to your template

His own Mod and tutorial so you too can add a second Sidebar and get the 3 column configuration that lots of Blogger users love.

And as beauty is in the eye of the beholder,hans even dared to name his blog Beautiful Beta.

So,lets be polite and say hello.


Hans said...

Well Avatar,
Thank you for the nice introduction!
I will keep up the good work, although I have little time.
There is so much more to explore in Beta.
But in genral, I love the new system, as it combines flexibility (hacking into html and css) with easy maintenance (adding sidebar elements without hacking).

Avatar said...

Not a problem, i always like to encourage new hackers of the Bloggerosphere.

So, welcome to it.

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