Sep 4, 2006

There Are 5 Things i have been wondering about blogger v3.0 from over a week after seeing some things in it, so in case pete is watching, or just to amuse myself and all of you, i will share you the thoughts:

I.-Blogger Profiles:

What is going to happen to the Blogger Profile System?, so far since it was introduced it has been pretty much worthless, Because:

1.-It´s not customizable, and i don´t mean they lets us chage the branded look (that would be awesome,but unrealistic)

I mean about being able to add fields to it,run code(video, audio,flash, in short terms, being able to compose out profiles like we should be able to do it since this is 2006!?

2.- having a good databse display to it, and some social tools would be even better, this would be good not only to the users but to google itself.


Since Blogger v2.0 started with the Google reboot, Audioblogger was turned into a official feature that so far has worked like if it were a 100% third party system even if we must consider that it carries the blogger and Google brand.

A week ago, someone(i think Agent99) noted that Audioblogger was down and off for several days, this made me remember it(since i really had forgotten about it a bit) and i was wondering if Blogger had any plans to finally offer native Audioblogging to the masses (being able to load from your pc) since it always has been a call to post thing.

I hope they could offer it that way, or at least updating the damn thing would be cool to have.


I will not tell how i got this rumor, but is Blogger planing something with video blogging as well?, maybe a Google Video integration?, if the rumor is true, that sure would help Google to gain a lot of ground on the video war where they are losing to myspace and youtube, along having yahoo catching up so fast, and with the looming in the horizon threat where MS is going to enter into the game(oh yeah, early next year).

IV.-Blogger Photos

One of the most frustrating things in Blogger, must be handling Photos in it, it is there a possibilty of Blogger gaining it´s own Photo Settings into the blogs?, or please tell me they are planning to integrate it with the upcoming Picasa Albums upgrade?


IT sure seems like Blogger has Moblogging Plans, but what i wonder is when we can expect it to be upgraded?, the sms was ditched or holded, there has not been a Moblogger upgrade since the recent one that has to do with the sonyericsson deal, but when will be able to see a general Moblogger upgrade?

Well, those were the things i was thinking and fiddling on lately, i will update this post later if i get some answers or any kind of update to make.


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