Sep 18, 2006

So you want a stylish Recent Comments Widget for your sidebar uh?, well, i would have provided you a easy option already if the comment feeds in Blogger v3.0 worked for everyone, but don´t worry, my friend Ricardo Santos Got you covered with a Hack for that if you are up to it with some determination.

The Hack, consist on the old v2.0 hack of using a second blog and gmail to get a comment feed to process, and then changes the last step and uses a custom script designed for the task made by Greg Hill so it gives out a better result that you can check at Ricardos blog.

Recent comments on blogger


waz said...

hi Avatar,
thanks for your comment on me blog! :)
i just mentioned about the incident bcoz at ze time, it has really shocked me (i mean the way he has been talkin about it) and since then, I'ven't stopped thinking about how narrow-minded we can all offence meant!!!
thanks for the great job u and the other guys r doing! without these tuts i may not ve been ablt to figure out how to properly customize my blog...!!!! :)

Avatar said...

not a problem.

and glad you decided to stop by here.


Southern Writer said...


Hey dude. People are telling me I've got code showing up in my posts. Blooger is also not letting me leave a comment, is trying to use my first name instead of Southern Writer, and is telling me my password is wrong (not a chance on that one! I KNOW my password!) Any idea what's up with this? Thanx!

Southern Writer

Anonymous said...

Hey again Avatar,

I fixed all the issues but the one with the code showing up. Do you have any idea what might be causing it? Thanx.

Southern Writer

Anonymous said...


It s a code that only shows in IE engines(ie6.0 and at the moment it still shows in IE7 Beta 2). the code don´t shows in mozilla,mozilla/gecko(firefox,netscape,flock) or Opera Engine(opera 9.0)

It seems to be the markup of the blog. the code says directly : if supported, left a empty space.

or if!supportEmptyparas.

i didn´t noted it earlier because i use flock as my main browser(and everyone should use it if they are blogging, since it makes blogging a lot easier and faster)

so i don´t know if it is a recent error or not.

if you want to have a lok more into it just look at my beta blog where i posted this two times to check your issue to see if it was something don´t supported by IE6, but it shows fine, si i have to blame Blogger on this.


I hope this response was helpful to you redhead, i will ask others to se what it is.

Anonymous said...

Yoou are so cool, Avatar! Thank you kilos! Your beta blog? Where? I get lost in your site. But then, I get lost in my own back yard. xoxoxox

Avatar said...

kilos.. heh, yeah i know how cool i am, but it is not as great for me to say it than others to reiterate it..:P

and the link is in the testabloggeratto word. in my past comment.

phydeaux3 said...

That tag is more propietary crap produced when you copy/paste from Word.

The Reason You are seeing if !supportEmptyParas

The link is about how it may show up in Thunderbird, but the root cause is the same, more crap from Word. Not Blogger's issue at all. Funny that Gecko treats it correctly (ignores it as a comment) while IE chokes.

Avatar said...

ah, i were like: "why is this familiar but i don´t have a clue where i have seen it or why it appears?".

And yeah the irony is not lost on me that the only thing that chokes is MS own......oh crap.

Well, there you go RedHead,you got your answer from a another cool guy besides me.

Anonymous said...

I'd be set if I understood a word of it - or could find it. Your blog is so complicated.

Avatar said...

My blog complicated?, who, that is a first one for me.. :P

But don´t worry, i will be upgrading my blog way faster now soy can get easier and easier to navigate in it.

and i have decided i will end the year in Blogger v2.0 unless something truly wondeful happens in v3.0. i want to have time to get the same funtionality i have now and more when i do the switch, i don´t wanna lose a bit of what i already have.

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