Sep 26, 2006

Given that Blogger finally fixed the general comments feed, it is time for you to have your blog recent comments without any hassle at all and in just one minute, that is the ultimate slacker deal i always try to provide.

And in this case, the easiest and the faster way to do it is to use the built in system in Blogger v3.0.

So here are the steps you must follow once you are already logged into your account:

1.-Go To Your Template

2.-Click on the link of the "Add A Page Element" Section In The Sidebar.

3.-Click On The Feed Page Element From the Page Elements Catalog

4.-Input Your General Comment Feed Into The Feed Start Form


5.-Customize Your Feed Display And Save Changes

6.-Check Your Blog To See If The Changes Look As You Wanted


You can also check my v3.0 testblog

And if you want the recent post widget, just repeat the process and add your Post Feed:


Ok, there you have it, i did this post becuase some of you asked for it by E-mail while aying you enjoyed the header image one, so i reiterate that if you want me to tackle something in particular, you only need to write me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Avatar!
Thanks for the tip!
I hope you will develop some new hacks (for example inline commenting for beta and/or multilevel expandeble sidebar menus...)

Avatar said...

No thanks, at all, i always answer every e-mail i recive (even if it is not at the moment) and in this case there was someone that wanted me to make a how to as easy to follow as the image header one. so i did this one even easier to follow.

Now, to your questions, inline comments are being worked by a another hacker as we speak, and i guess it´s going to be released very sooln, so inline commenting is not tha away after that first step is official.

and multi-level expandable sidebar menus are something is actually still easy to do in v3.0 as is easy to do in v2.0, so umm, i guess i will do a post on that too.

Anonymous said...

Cool, now that's a lot easier than the Farrago hack.
Thanks for this one, Avatar!

Avatar said...

yes it is alastor, and you can also try the storago option if you have a blog in v2.0 and if you want the comments to update faster in v3.0

Help Pls said...

Blogger v3.0?
How do we know what blogger version we are using.
It looks like we have a older one... where the options you show under Template are not available.. how do we upgrade etc.?

Michael Galpert said...

thanks avatar,

is there anyway to increase the number from 5?

Avatar said...

help pls

simple, look at the style of you blogger navbar. and that will clear it out.

Michael galpert

just go Here

Anonymous said...

Great work.

Chant said...

hi how can I get the Feed URL of my blog? have a hard time looking for it, thanks

Avatar said...



Log into Blogger and then in your blog description there are the options:

Entries(Posts)- Settings (configurations - Designs (template)

Enter into Settings. you will see the services tabs, the feed tab is the sixth from left to right, it reads : Site Feed or Feed URL.

so the roadmap is:

Dashboard-Settings(selected blog)- feed tab.

your regular feed (ATOM feed) is always:

[Blog url/feeds/posts/default
[Blog url}/feeds/comments/default

so in the case of your blog it is that or given you got a domain:

if that fails just refer to the original blog ur you had and apply as instructed. that should work.

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