Sep 5, 2006

Gold fever in the Blogger V3.0 mines and Ramani has it!

He returned to the Labels Playground and the next thing you know is that he pops up with a label Switcher for all of you to use as follows:



1.- List

2.- Menu

3.- Tag Cloud

Seems pretty cool don´t it?

for full details, just go here:

Multi-style labels widget for Blogger Beta


Raquel said...

I was there, but I think it would be nice if he will add more effects like expand and collapse.

Avatar said...

i am very interested in expand a collapse effects for v3.0, i have found some fun stuff i will post later.

Anonymous said...

hello. i'm sorry to post in this section. how did the author of this blog (Bloggeratto) made the navigation bar to hide and unhide using mouse arrow? i like this to put in my blog too. anyone can help me? thanks.

Avatar said...

Please write to my email:


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