Sep 25, 2006

This another of those posts i holded until it was fully developed, in this Hoctro hack, he is using yahoo user interfase css grid paterns of from the Yahoo Library to fully develop a Layout changer for Blogger v3.0.

So the first post to visit is the introduction for the hack that in it´s title grasp the concept behind the motivation of doing the hack in the first place:

Yahoo! UI Library's Grid CSS + Beta Template = Powerful Visual Design Possibilities

(Archiving a automatic and very swift seven style layout changer)

From there and after introducing the hack, he turns his atention to javascript and in that post he makes realizations to hack v3.0 but also makes a note on this hack:

"JavaScript, You Complete me"

That resulted in a special input to put a layout change for a printer friendly version of a blog.

A time after, given that he seems really confident, he takes what he learned and point´s it to another direction, and explains how you can also use this to be able to add third,fourth and even fifth column to a blog.

A Follow-up Exercise on YUI CSS Grid

Quite a evolution for a hack in such a short time,so if you are inteested in having that kind of options, please give those post a look, because in treu Hoctro fashion, they even have a narrative.


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