Sep 14, 2006

I really like when someone comes up with a navigational hack, because is the kind of thing that really help a blog to get more reach with a reader when this idea is well executed.

Hoctro has cooked up one hack that i knew as The Key Chain, in here it´s called the Breadcrumbs Line and is based on the same simple premise of having a line telling you in what part of a blog archive you are whenever you are in a item page with the track to backwards from there.

Adding Breadcrumbs to the Item Page


JasonX said...

First complains and then praising :D
I tried to check by aditya what have you writed about podcasting and v-blogging posibilities in blogger and blogger beta. Somewhy it(aiditya) made everytime ie´s crush down when I tried to search.(And your post about aditya have disappeared)
Could you make some post about good services(hosts ie.) and programs wich could use in podcasting and v-blogging?
I am now using audacity 1.2.4b for making mp3 and host I am using Ourmedia. Would youself use other programs and services?
But keep on doing one of the bests or THE best blogging blog in blogosphere

Avatar said...

Well, well, yeah aditya disses IE6 a lot, and that is not going to change, what i was talking about is the possibilities for blogger offering some Native or In-House services to do so.

yeah, it is a good idea so i will take it to heart.

I do use other programs and i know all the programs to get started with it.

Thanks. you have a excellent taste and your words speak truth.

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