Sep 21, 2006

As with the now very recognizable Feed Icon thanks to the push from the Mozilla Corporation and Now Microsoft that also adopted it, the feed icon has not problems to become the frontal standard for a feed, be it Atom or RSS, that cannot be said for OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language), that has passed for a series of banners and now is finally triying to push its own icon so it can be standarized and get into the mainstream.

Inspired by, Liquid Orb Media, Inc. launched a website for the new icon called The OPML Project that carries a Creative Commons Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License. for the icon.

The icon was developed by Liquid Orb Media, Inc. while working with Chris Pirillo

So, if you have a any OPML to offer in your Blogger Blog, please support this new Icon if you find it likeable,Soon i will also integrate to this offering OPML in Bloggeratto.

And if you don´t know about OPML and want to know more about it just go to

*Update: clarificated by Ken Rossi in the comments.


Ken said...


The icon was created by Liquid Orb Media, Inc. while working for Chris Pirillo. We launched the site under our own initiative. Hope the icon is useful.


Avatar said...

thanks for the clarification Ken.

Singpolyma said...

eeeew, OPML :P blah.

Avatar said...

OPML is good to all in the end, i mean,you got to admit i could be worse that it is.. be postive. :P

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