Sep 22, 2006

I waited to post this becuase i wanted it to be more complete in development, and now it is more complete.

It all started on Ramani´s side, when he posted the first Peek-a-boo Post related hack that was just entering into what it had to be done.

That first hack, only expanded the post, but didn´t collapsed it, entered Hans and replied to that hack extending it

From there , the old problem with this kind of hacks was raised, what happens when you don´t need/want to have a "Read More" link to expand something?

Well, that it is where this post is finally headed.

Ramani and Hans talked about it, then they got inspired enough to do something about it so it was taken further and the result is what it follows:

By adding a span id in your post, now you can decide if you are going to need the summary or not for a new post, if you don´t use the span into the post, it will show up normal into the blog without sporting any kind of link or anything, just a clear post like this one

And if you add it, you will get the "Read More" link, and a "summary only" link so you can collapse that post after that post is opened making the important observation, that the "Read More" link is replaced with the "sumamary only making the post always look right.

And since Ramani and hans did a team-up, the code in both blogs is now the same unified code, for what hans named the Super Peek-a-boo Posts.

Ramani decided to update the original post that started the madness:

Expandable posts with Peekaboo view

And Hans did a special new post for it:

Super Peek-A-Boo Posts

So, you really should check those posts out, just to see what the Bleet! is capable of doing when working together.

However, i have decided to raise the bet even higher to take advantage of the work already done, Ramani, Hans,i love this new hack, but now i must wonder if a recent idea i have is possible to be added in either of this two versions of it:

A)The newest post in the blog is always displayed as open if peek-a-boo is enabled in it, and when you open other blog post the one opened will close, and a scroll leveler will make sure you don´t lose sight of where you are in the main after closing a post.

B)the same as above but without having the newest post opened by default, just the rest of the funtionality proposed in A.

So, tell me what do you think?.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I hoped you might give us a break ;)

What you propose is really a big challenge. I'll sleep on it.

Avatar said...

No can do Hans, i am the man of the ideas, i get to be a slacker, you don´t.


and of course it would be awesome to get the A) option, but B) will do, and seems to be the easier way of course. the scroll leveler seems to be the tricky part, but i guess it must be set to the title atribute. like in this example

Anonymous said...

I leave your challenge to Hans as he is sleeping on it. I am gonna take a break for some time :)

Avatar said...


Hah, you i see why you stopped by to make that official..

So, it´s up to Hans now i guess.

Anonymous said...

Avatar, do you and Phydeaux3 work for Blogger? Man, am I red in the face. My comments about Blogger haven't been very nice since I switched to Beta, but you guys are the greatest! So my sincerest apologies. I'm sorry I've been such a bitch. Forgive me?

Avatar said...

Nah,we don´t work for the B, we would not mind if it involved money, but we do it to make Blogger excellent, and not just good.

Never retreat from your words, i take hard and cheap shots at Blogger all the time, and i don´t mind been a sarcastic, cynic, satiric bastard while doing so.

So, nothing to forgive RedHead, and you are not a bitch, you are just a vixen. (in the best sense of the word) ;)

Anonymous said...

Well Avatar, sit back and watch in awe if you visit Beautiful Beta now. I have improved the Peek-A-Boo post so that after collapsing it, it auto-scrolls back to the top of the collapsed post.


Southern Writer said...

I'm so flattered. Thanks for the compliment and the understanding. Are y'all working on a fix for the links order and inability to paste code in an element window? If I could just get those two things fixed, I'd switch back to the new version in a heartbeat.

Avatar said...


I am impresed, you sure thought it out Hans, i guess you thought that in extending the way the scroll leveler worked would make it better, and it could replace the option of having something to collapse a opened post in order to open another and having the newest post opened at default, for the more part it does, and if it cannot be done, i understand.

Even then this new upgrade makes the hack to reach perfect funtionality and,the other options just extensions based more on taste than usability.

Thanks for fixing it. i will be using it, i guess you will also add it to the blogger v2.0 version?, and don´t worry, this hack will get front page, i am a bit behind in buzz posts, but i will catch up this week, i finally have less work than last week, were i was working 14hrs a day... :P

@SW: that is not a compliment, a compliment is saying something that may be true but is just added as embelishment of some words, in this case is more than a compliment, it is a statement in itself of something true. :D

Now, i will try to get into, that, and i will e-amil you on it.

oh, and congrats for the ghost stories getting an outlet, i was just reading your blogs and writing, i find it very naturalistic and swift in the way you carry the stories based on common talk storytelling and then add the narrative ellement to give it format.

in any way, i like what i have read so far.

Anonymous said...

Hi Avatar, I am blushing with all these compliments. To be honest, there was not much thinking, but only a little trying. I figured that there must be some sort of method to let a window scroll, and a little googling showed me the way to the scrollIntoView method. In fact, it was very easy. What I would like to figure out now, is how to make the post scroll to the cursor position! because that is the place on the screen where the user is looking at.
I also thought a little about expanding the latest posts, and collapsing the older ones, by making use of cookies. I alreadu have some code on my blog detecting the visitor's last visit. I could use this data to let recent posts expand themselves if there date is after the last visit date, and collapse if it is before. Would that be a nice touch?

Ramani said...

wow, Hans seems to have adopted my brainchild (Peekaboo)! Take over, Hans. I am not finding much free time nowadays.

Avatar said...


You deserve all the compliments Hans,and yeah that is some really good lateral thinking in motion.

i would love to see that,it resolves both issues!, amazing....


Yeah, Hans is now the star. becuase people just love Peek-a-boo funtionality!!!! :D

well,at least i do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Avatar. I'll be waiting for that e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Just checking back and saying hey.

Avatar said...

Still Alive Redhead, i have been quite busy, that´s all. but that don´t means i don´t read everything in your blogs. ;)

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