Sep 12, 2006

In a very funny note Blogger Buzz directs our atention to Flickr, yeah, you know, that site owned by yahoo?..

Something i would find odd if i didn´t knew that they are directing you to it becuase that is the only way to have direct photo posting to Blogger v3.0, since the new Picasa upgrade is still not ready, i don´t know how much of their plans have changed, but seeing Blogger pushing Flickr, not only makes me laugh, it makes me worry that Google is really taking it´s time (slow) with all their new upgrades.

Anyway here it is the relevant screenshot:

And the funniest thing after pushing another company service since their own don´t supports the new blogger:

Remember, never enter your Google Account login information on a website not owned by Google!

Ah, those guys at Blogger, such a funny fellas.


Singpolyma said...

You keep talking about how Blogger supposedly doesn't have image uploading... this is rather annoying since I know you know they do. They may not have all the fancy-dancy category-find-my-pix-again/albums junk, but then say THAT, don't blame them for not having something they've had for ages (and that they give you UNLIMITED space in! unlike pretty much any others...)

Avatar X said...

wow... you surely are confused Stephen. i will fix what confused you in it.

what i mean is that they don´t support photoblog posting directly with the photo from picasa at the moment.....there TWO completely different things. one is a Photo log editor for Blogger.. and i did covered the photos now with less bugs.. when i said Blogger did don´t had photo hosting?...

Singpolyma said...

"the only way to have direct photo posting to Blogger v3.0"
Makes it sound like they don't let you post from the editor... ;)

Avatar X said...


not the same and you know it, no matter how similar it can be..


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