Sep 29, 2006

As you note this don´t carries the v3.0 prefix, so this works for both v2.0 and v3.0 my friends, interested?.

Thought so.

Well, this is the thing, the best Recent Comments we have in v2.0 are the N.T modification of the farrago comments, wich you can see in this blog and the last version from singpolyma Recent Comments.

Well, this is another option into the mix, and for v2.0 it is as good if not better that the two examples i just mentioned.

Why?, simple, the problem when converting a feed in any other method was that it is slow to update, this is also true for the Blogger v3.0 recent comments widget that can run natively in blogger, becuase the sole reason the set up for it was not adjusted with that in mind only.

Storago another clear advantage it has is that it will register every single recent comment in the blog and not only the one in your main page like in the case of the Farrago hack & the other variations like it.

And it also will allow you to have this extras with your Storago account:

1.-It Generates It´s Own Feed(atom)
2.-It Generates It´s Own Html Landing Page
3.-Your Blog Is Added To a Syndicated Page
(a la Blogs Of Note generating some extra traffic)

And the best of it is that is not only easy to use but FREE.

I would only have three requests to Jeff Day for a future upgrade:

1.-That if the Commenter Name could direct to the Blogger Profile of that commenter or it´s website when the info were available,
2.- That the display of the date & hour would be optional or could be added as title="date & hour" atribute that would show when hovered by the cursor instead of the comment description.
3.- Being able to choose how many comments it renders, a limit of at least 15 would be great.

That upgrades would make the service Perfect from all angles.

So, there you have it, if you want to give it a try, this is where you need to go:

Storago´s Recent Comments

-Via Ricardo Santos (who told me about it)


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