Sep 9, 2006

The new blood keeps pouring into the bloggerosphere, and this time is the turn for hoctro from vietnam that makes a great entrance into the fold with some worthwhile posts:

1.-Archived or Labeled Listing Shown As Titles Only

Where using the previous work by Ramani
he did his own version where he offers a bulletized display removing the dates from the titles too.

2.-Define a Function and Calling It - the Blogger Way

As a good geek, hoctro, can´t help but to mess with blogger even about the details and in it show us a little of it.

As soon as I complete my first hack, I start thinking about refactoring it. Anything that is repeated again and again, is of course a good candidate for refactoring.

3.-Using "Link List" Page Element As Thumbnail Picture List

And to end with a bang he shows you a lookilitary(yeah i am making words again, stop me)hack, so you can add photos lists to your blog in a simple manner.

So, as you see, Hoctro is in for a threat, and so we are all, so why don´t we hang around a little in Hoctro´s Place

The thing left for me to say is: welcome to the Bloggerosphere..


Ken said...

Thank you for the "Link List" page element hack. It is exactly what I am looking for. And, I'm doing the same as one commentator "Mike" did. It all came together and it works like a charm! Pass by my blog and see the results when you have time. Thanks again.

Ken said...

Hi, sorry. My blog:

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