Sep 9, 2006

You all know i love everything feed related, i have a flock reader with 3000+ feeds.. so if someone follows feeds, is me.

Colored me susprised when i read that the oldman (yeah, Phydeaux3) actually took some time off the porch and chugging beers to write a post about how he found the Feeds for the labels.

And it seems blogger as i told everyone, is really keeping lots of things to be released into the open for later. and in true blogger fashion, if there is one thig they keep shy about even if they are available is Feeds, they kept shut about the Blogger RSS feed, that up to now, is not even officially released...

What i can see from Phydeux3 post is that the new Blogger v3.0 master Feed control is really more robust and dynamic that the one we have in v2.0 and this is good to know, there are alot of things that can and will come up from there.

But why you don´t say hi to the old man, hell you can even call him Poppa Phy3, and tell him i say hi.

Feeds for Labels in Beta Blogger


phydeaux3 said...

Well the 'possums done run me off'n the porch. But I never stopped chugging beers. I can look for feeds and down cold Bud's at the same time.

And I prefer the term 'Classic' rather than old.


Avatar said...

bud?, sheesh, not corona, sol or tecate?...tsk..

And ok classic Phy3, why you don´t teach those possums a lesson? a lead lesson.. it´s you or them.

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