Sep 1, 2006
There i was checking my gmail when saw that Ramani who as you know and if you don´t runs that fine Blog called "Hackosphere" so if you don´t have visited him, you really should, i mean he is from the Bleet!...anyway, i said hello to him and then he just said "i was just about to write you about my new hack", he did, so here i am telling all of you about it.

This new hack, is a extension from his Drop Down Labels hack.

The drive to do it so quickly was that Ramani was in a roll today and becuase someone gave him direct feedback to about it, that someone was my friend Ricardo Santos that pointed the suggestion to Ramani about having the labels to just display a Index and not the entire post as it normaly does so it don´t gets to cumbersome to manage when you get to have lots of posts in one label.

This makes the label to pull a Retro and then displaying the index just like two of the best v2.0 hacks that are Aditya own ABC Index or the Original In Main Index Hack done by Phydeaux3 called D2B

Now, the only left to do in this post is that you follow this link:

New hack to improve your label/search pages


Ricardo Santos said...

Oh my! Just tried again the blogger migration page to see if my blog could migrate to beta and to my surprise it was possible, i asked to be removed from a team blog i was on and voilá, after 5 seconds of being removed i was elegible to migrate.

But i couldnt switch, the blogger beta templates " that went through my mind" are so "simple". Will wait till someone ports my template to blogger beta.

Chubbs said...

I'm amazed how fast the Blogger community comes up with new hacks for the service. Perhaps Google would benefit from making Blogger open-source?

Avatar said...


I see......ummm


Save a word and just say Bloggerosphere...i mean, stay with the program Chubbs, you in Bloggeratto you know..

Ricardo Santos said...

i was trying to write a phrase just under the author/time/comments line at the end o f post in HTML editing mode, but whenever i try to write that phrase all the carachters tha have accents in my blog go "M.I.A" and get replaced by a question mark.

the word im trying to introduce in the template has a "ó" in it if i write "o" everything is ok, my blog has UTF8 encoding.

Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?


Avatar said...


This is quite a common error in Blogger, i really don´t know how to fix it myself, but i know someone that i think solved it and that would be efendi kwok.

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