Sep 2, 2006

it´s not everyday that you get a actual apology from Blogger,but that is what the last post in Blogger buzz is, and such event deserves a post in Bloggeratto, also because is about something i was really angry about:

The Merged Blogger Sign In

I guess the feedback was on fire about how frustrating that login box was.

Lets Remember the frustrating factors it had, just for the sake of it don´t it?

1.-The password manager would not auto-fill you pre saved passwords
2.-The password manager would auto-fill your google account in the box.
3.-If you had gmail open and you entered the google accout you were logged off
4.-If were in gmail and opened blogger, blogger will redirect you to Blogger v3.0
5.-Sometimes your account suddenly failed to load at all (either Gmail or Blogger)

But gladly noted,this is the past:

And this is the Now and the Inmediate Future:


A) Choosing Blogger v2.0:

B) Choosing Blogger v3.0:

And now that i think of it,the only place where you could see Blogger giving one word apologies were in Blogger Status and even there, it is something rare...

This new Blogger really seems that is going to be more responsive to users, so there you have it, please give it another chance.



Ramani said...

Really useful post for clearing the confusion about login.

Avatar said...

Thanks, glad you liked it Ramani.

Southern Writer said...

Big F Deal. Now can you explain ALL the other things that now wrong with it??? It's been nothing but one headache after another for me with no frigging end in sight. "Sorry" only works if you actually modify the behavior (or in this case, problems).

Avatar said...

Souther Writer:

HAHAHAHAHAH, my god, i just read you blog and i LOVE it, such anger and very cool writing...

And yeah, i mean, Blogger had always this kind of constant screw ups and that is why that when i see a actual apology, shit, that must be Blogged about!

About explaining it, i actually can. but it is as frustrating as suffering it.

i Grabbed your feed, i will have you in the sight of my reader.

And welcome to Bloggeratto.

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