Sep 9, 2006

At the moment of writing this, i still have on and in use my Meebo account, with it have great experiences, i have talked with over 50 people so far, from all over the world, even to my surprise when i just installed it in my blog i even had the pleasure to chat with one othe Meebome competitors, in other ocassion with someone i was just buzzing, and lots of my readers that after having a chat with them, they have turned into good friends.

Meebome still has a long way to be as good as it can me, more now than ever where there is the direc threat of three new start up looking for the same niche and offering other kind of experiences.

However, with Release 18 and Release 19 now it not only more stable but faster, lighter and finally color customizable so it can blend better into your blog, like you can check if you are in the main or in here if the code is allowed in your reader.

So, if you still don´t give it a chance, you reall should, and i can even say i vouch for it that i can change even the more stubborn of your opinions of it.

And if you see me online, don´t be a stranger and send a message.



Chubbs said...

Nice! Looks like Meebo is starting to take more of a foothold on the Web.

I'm just still wondering how they will handle scalability issues.

Avatar said...

"Nice! Looks like Meebo is starting to take more of a foothold on the Web.
I'm just still wondering how they will handle scalability issues."

Yeah, they are getting better, but they still ned 3 things to get to the safe side:

1.-group chat
2.-socialize the meebome profiles
3.-offline messaging

since they have to take on radium, and two others new start ups, but one thing is wish they do, it to copy chatango´s system, it is perfect, even if the client it´s not and they really don´t care about how they handle their pr.

and about scalability., since is flash that means, code repostig a lot like i had to do to get the new featues.


Stacey said...

I like kool IM a lot better then Meebo.

Avatar said...

Kool Im is cool too. but got to late into the game, e-messenger changed to e-buddy to retain some of the people they lose (as much as 50% ) and to continue thriving. what change can have Kool im if they are not offering anything really remarkable fromwhat both e-buddy and meebo is offering?.

They are nor superior to Meebo, not even by a long shot, they are only above e-buddy in tech. but e-buddy is still in the race since it is still a little bit ahead of meebo. kool im is not even in the race yet. and with radium and the new players offering something actually new into the game, they really don´t stand a chance right now, until they do something really bold, i don´t see them going anywhere.

But lovely of you to stop by stacey, and no i am not ranting at you, i am just sincere.

hase50 said...

Meebo Me will be shutting down on July 11th, 2012).?
what do you think.?

Avatar X said...

@hase50 That was sad. Gutted by Gogle.

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