Sep 4, 2006

I have decided that any Good Development Commentary from someone inside "The B", is worth a post here, so:

Just at the Hackosphere, Pete Hopkins Dropped By the Hackosphre to answer some questions by Ramani and here is the summary of what it was said:

(along with my own commentary of course)

1.- About Why Blogger v3.0 Backlins Don´t Work Properly:

I saw your post show up as a backlink on my Buzz post about the login box, so it's not all broken. I know that the super-restrictive robots.txt file that was (accidenally) in place early on played a bit of havoc w/ blog search engines (Google's included) that's still sorting out. Blog search indexing issues in general are something that's on our radar.

"search indexing being something prioritary to them should really comes as natural, and if there is one thing i always been happy with, is Blog indexing in the google search engine"

2.- About the handling of Asociated Post Data to Labels Code:

2. Sounds like a feature request! This may come up in the future.

"ok, fair enough, it seems it didn´t came up to them when they were coding them i guess, about that may, lets not get that optimistic"

3.-About Why General Comments Feeds Don´t Work
In Blogger v3.0

3. I've seen a few bug fixes on this front go by, and they'll be out soon. This is one of the "it's not you, it's us" things, which is why support couldn't help you.

Really?, it´s Blogger Fault?, i could neeeever would have imagined...good to know, but that is just one of the things that should have been ok from the let go, "beta" or no "beta". another reason why support cannot truly help anyone (up to this moment)is because it is a computer using a re-selector to generate answers on pre-designed responses,what am talking about?, just go here, so you can understand and also have a good laugh

So, there you go, straight from the B-side.

Now,don´t get me wrong, i like pete because he seems like a cool guy (even if he has such a sappy taste for music and movies) , i also like his blog (he should post more often to it)

I also would like to add that he sure is making Blogger look more responsive to users than ever before, and he was the one who suddenly went into the open and started to offering some light into blogger v3.0 development, where in pre v3.0 we,were completely left at darkness.

Another thing, he says the team is truly aware of the blog that talk about v3.0 right now, but i still must wonder, who watches the watchmen? :P

*Yep, this Blog has lot of cynic, sarcastic, unforgiving humor, thanks for noting it*


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