Sep 5, 2006

It is sad, but it had to happen,Phydeaux3 i s just letting know to everyone that D2B is going to go the way of the dodo.

And if you don´t know what D2B is, let me tell you it was the direct inspiration behind
The ABC Index from Aditya and that both are of the best Blogger v2.0 Hacks ever.

But don, take it from me and go read the story from the man himself:

d2b and Beta Part 2


Raquel said...

Hi Avatar, I need some answer please.

I was using the farago recent comments on the old blogger. And I tried to instal to beta but it doesn't work anymore. Is there anything to all of you hackers can solve ths issue?

And also, author commenters on post, can we still apply on that? I will appreciate it if you will check this link for you to see what I am trying to tell you.

Please provide me more information about this...thank you very much.

Avatar said...

ok, then i will look into it and do a post about, or will answer you here.

Avatar said...

well Raquel, the thing is that there are only two way of having recent comments in the sidebar in blogger v3.0

1.-Tricking the not working comments feed to work(it will not be stable)
2.-Do a forwarding job in another blog and then author some code for the sidebar so it can be added as a element.

The best is to wait a little more, since if you read my post on here are some answers, this is a Blogger issue.

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