Sep 2, 2006

The Blogger Holy grail in terms of templates has always been the 3 Column Template, and in this case Ramani decided to do something about its,so he is not only giving a great tutorial on how to convert your Official Blogger v3.0 Template if you already have some customization so you can add a third column to it.

But with the goodness of his Blogger heart (heh), he is giving out 3 already converted v3.0 3-column templates for you to download and use away.

3-Columns Templates For Blogger Beta

So, Don´t be rude and grab that free stuff away from him.


vin said...

Get a free Three Column Blogger Template optimized for Adsense with adsense Ads. already plugged in at :

Just fill in your Adsense pub no. Then copy and Paste to your Blog Template

more tips at

Avatar said...

Thanks Vin, i will look into it.

kca said...

Since i know your site and all the out going link (Phydeau, Ramani...) I really improved my site, just like a second breath.

So I would like to "thank you", thanks to you folks. A thank does not cost anything, huh?
Just check what I made, because of
the lastest post of Ramani.
Yeah Bro, just Started from a Ramani ' s "Scribe' template, 2 hours later, it was done!

Avatar said...

that is what is al about... so, thanks to you too.


chllout_lev said...

How do i make a site like this one of yours which spans the entire width of the page?the 3 templates that ramani gave has still space on both

Avatar said...

Well, in the official version of the templates there is the stretch minima, then you only add the second sidebar. that is if you are using v3.0, if you are using v2.0 you can check thrtemplates.blogspot to get one like this one.

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