Dec 4, 2006

One of the hardest hacks and widgets to archive in a good fashion, are Related Article widgets, becuase even in the pro-sites that use them, most of the times it is just a quick title search result query, what is needed for it to be perfect would be a code word that could be placed where the Related articles widget is goung to render, and having a script that could search for the target word or words in both the titles and posts, to render a result, so yeah, it is hard to make such a thing.

However, not fret, if your blog uses post Threads, then it is really not hard, becuase then a simple title search would do to render perfect results.

Hoctro version of this is just that, a related articles widget that would be totally useful to you if you are using a lot of Post Threads or Your Blog is completely based on them.

A example of post thread is precisely the Blogger v3.0 prefix in this title entry, if i were using the widget, the it would show the latest matched to that post thread.

Same goes for "Blogger Says".

So, if you use them in a common fashion, then feel confident on using this widget, it will apper in your post pages to let now your visitor where to find post just like the one they are reading.

Blogger Hack: Related Articles Widget


Carol said...

you have such cool tools! how about teaching me how to use them?

arena said...

i will try this now, so many trik i tried but none works

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